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What is the Network?

The Sales Recruitment Network UK is owned and operated by Richard Langrick and Theresa Darnell, under a Master Licence Agreement granted by The Sales Recruitment Network International Ltd.

The Network offers a specialist sales force recruitment service to companies of any size, in any industry, using the varied skills and shared experience of the partners.

The UK is split into 21 areas, and each area is licensed, for a period of five years, to a self employed owner manager, who operates within the framework of the Network, whilst building a business which can be sold, subject to criteria laid down in the Licence Agreement, or the licence can be extended at the end of the licence period. Each licensee is considered to be a partner within the network.

The first ten areas have been sold, the first in July 1999, and the most recent in February 2004. Following a period of evaluation, the second ten areas are now ready for release. All our Partners are experienced sales professionals, who have a first hand understanding of sales force recruitment, and can offer a level of consultancy service which marks out the expert from the amateur. Some partners have appointed self employed associates, also experienced sales professionals, who work with them, building their own client list, and retaining over 60% of their fee income.

How does it work?

The network operates at two levels. Each licensee, or Partner, markets his own TSRN office, within a specified post code area, building his own database of Clients and Candidates. He will gain assignments and advertise for candidates, charging a fee between 20% and 25% of first year basic salary for each successful placement.

At a national level, each partner has the opportunity of supplying his candidates to other partners for 30% of the fee, supplying client leads to other partners for 12.5% of the fee, and in some cases carrying out assignments on other areas for 70% of the fee. All partners benefit from central marketing, advertising, and corporate sales activity undertaken by the Master Licensees.

Who should apply?

Applicants for a Sales Recruitment Network Licence must have a background in sales, preferably in a senior sales position within the last five years. Applicants should have access to sufficient funds to finance the initial licence fee and working capital, and be prepared to devote at least 80% of their time to the network. Partners must have a dedicated office, although this may be in your home, with phone lines and a computer with ISDN connection. A substantial amount of time is spent with clients and candidates, and a reliable car is essential.

What does it cost?

The cost of a five year licence to operate a designated post code area is £11,500, except the Inner London area which requires an investment of £17,500. In addition to the licence fee, partners will need working capital to cover set up costs, and the first few months running costs. Partners remit 12.5% of each assignment fee, as a management charge to Head Office, and contribute an annual fee to the central marketing fund, (£1000 in year one, indexed in future years). Details of the services provided for these charges are attached. Partners are contracted to achieve a minimum fee income of £17,500 in any six month period, after the first six months. The first years marketing fee, and all training costs are taken out of the initial licence fee.

What can I earn?

Earnings levels are in direct response to the time and energy put into acquiring assignments and successfully filling them. Our most successful partners will invoice in excess of £60,000 in their first 18 months of operation, all will achieve minimum throughput. In a third year of operation, with an associate working with them, we would expect partners to generate fee income in excess of £100,000. Substantial help is available from the owners, both of whom have run successful areas, and will give their time and experience to ensure that new partners are quickly successful. It must be pointed out, though, that there is no magic formula, and success comes with hard work and dedication.

How do Associates operate?

Associates work with a Franchisee, either on a specific area or with specific clients, and have the same access to the network, and the candidate database as franchisees. They work up their own client and candidate list, although this always remains in the ownership of the Franchise. Associates are not asked to invest in the franchise, beyond a small, mostly refundable deposit, and split the fees earned with the franchisee. Typically, Associates retain over 60% of the fees earned from their assignments.



The Network offers a specialist sales force recruitment service to companies of any size, in any industry, using the varied skills and shared experience of the partners.

Total Investment Required: Available on request.

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