The Mattress Doctor

An opportunity to build your own, highly profitable and easy-to-run business in association with
The Mattress Doctor®.

You will be offering a service that millions of people need in a virtually untapped market, using our unique equipment and a scientifically proven system.

The Mattress Doctor® Service
The UK, in common with most other parts of the world, is a nation of cleaning and hygiene fanatics. Just look at the range of cleaning materials in every supermarket and the evidence is staring you in the face. Killing ‘hidden germs’ is a massive market!

People clean their cooking utensils, their cutlery and crockery, their kitchen equipment, their floors, walls, bathrooms, showers and toilets. They wash their towels, their underwear and their outer clothes. They brush their teeth, wash their hair and bathe their bodies. They launder their bed linen regularly. And then they spend up to one-third of their lives sleeping on a mattress that is never cleaned and is potentially dangerous to their health.

Remarkably, many people, and particularly those who do not suffer from allergies or asthma, do not even know the problem exists. Why? The answer is simple. Until the arrival of The Mattress Doctor®, there was nothing that could clean a mattress both efficiently and cost effectively, and therefore no professional mattress cleaning service existed.

The Opportunity
It is estimated that there are over 200 million beds in the UK if you include households, chalets, caravans, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, pleasure boats, cruise ships, hostels etc. So the market is enormous and we are gaining local and national publicity almost daily. Opportunities still exist in many parts of the country to acquire the exclusive rights to operate your own business in association with The Mattress Doctor®.

  • A part-time or full-time business opportunity
  • Low investment – high income potential
  • Equally suitable for men and women
  • Can be run as a sole trader or you can employ people to do the work for you
  • A cleaning business but one in which you do not get dirty, even if you do the work yourself
  • A huge, untapped market with no real competition
  • An exclusive territory
  • A thorough training programme in your exclusive area
  • Ongoing support
  • No ongoing royalties
  • Everything you need to run your business is provided

Your business launched with local promotions

Acquiring your own licence

You can acquire your own Mattress Doctor® business for as little as £7,750 plus VAT.

The Mattress Doctor® is also a perfect add-on business if you are already operating in the cleaning industry and can significantly increase your income from your existing customer base.

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The UK's only scientifically proven mattress cleaning service, with an extraordinarily high profit compared to any other cleaning business and an untapped market of 150 million+ in Britain.

Total Investment Required: Exclusive areas available from only £7,750 + VAT.

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