Shooting Star Ceilings

Out of this world

Shooting Star Ceilings apply exact replicas of the constellations of stars to any wall or ceiling in a residential or commercial setting. By day the effect is virtually invisible but, at night, Shooting Star Ceilings transforms the room into a virtual galaxy! Millions of tiny stars, shooting stars, comets and meteors light up the room to reveal the most breathtaking, realistic depiction of the night sky you will ever see.

Unbelievable market potential

The Shooting Star Ceilings business opportunity is an unparalleled venture that offers exceptional benefits, with a product that has universal appeal. The market potential, both residential and commercial, for the business is limitless. Hotels, nightclubs, schools, hospitals, health and beauty spas, youth clubs and nursing homes are just some of the customers who can create a difference with a Shooting Star ceiling.

Whether you choose to operate your business as a part-time job or a full-time venture, the Shooting Star opportunity allows you to break away from 9-5 work life and be your own boss.

Becoming a Shooting Star artist does not require artistic talent or knowledge of astronomy. Enjoyable, diverse and flexible, Shooting Star Ceilings is a cash rich business that generates consistent, lucrative profits and serves a massive market. Moreover, it’s a relatively stress-free way to make significant earnings, and is probably the most positive life-changing decision you will ever make.

A full Shooting Star ceiling constellation takes approximately one and a half hours to complete and costs no more than £15.00 in materials. You could finish up to five full ceilings in one day. Our constellations retail at £100.00 to £250.00 for residential applications. Commercial applications are marked up much higher- £300.00 to £800.00. However, these prices are only a guide. You can charge whatever you like for your work; it is your business.

You can also run your business from home, keeping your overhead to a minimum. The only thing needed to install your ceiling constellations and which you will therefore need on a regular basis is our SpaceGLO paint, which we provide, along with full training in the various applications you can offer.

Are you ready to follow your star and take control of your own destiny? You can, with Shooting Star Ceilings!
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Shooting Star Ceilings is a cash rich business that generates consistent, lucrative profits and serves a massive market.

Total Investment Required: From £7,995 / €11,598.

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