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When Netspace looked at the dynamics of the UK market for the services they offer, they saw that the key element was to create a reputation and brand that business owners would seek out and feel comfortable with using to create their web presence. There wasn’t, and still isn’t any other Internet solutions brands in this space. There are other companies offering Internet services to small to medium sized business however, Netspace was the first and still is the only Internet Business Solutions franchise to receive provisional accreditation to the British Franchise Association.

The whole ethos of Netspace therefore is to build a national brand in our market place. Each franchisee has its own exclusive operating territory and each trades under the Netspace umbrella. The advantages of this are that franchisees are not competing with each other, they are actually supporting each other and as they all operate under the Netspace brand, the brand and the messages are consistent. With no product variations this means that any promotional material we produce can be used throughout the Netspace franchisee network making the Netspace proposition quick and easy to take to market as well as the development of strong brand.

As each franchisee trades under the Netspace brand we can provide them with a suite of marketing tools enabling them to build the brand locally without a great deal of effort and cost to the franchisee. As an example we run a programme called ‘Seminar in a Box’ and although each seminar is tailored to the regions target audience, the concept and messages are the same. This programme is used regularly by each franchisee and is enabling them to reach new customers and build brand and customer loyalty quickly.

The ‘Seminar in a Box’ programme provides each franchisee with templates for: Event advertisements and flyers, press releases, press Invites, customer invites, delegate packs and even seminar presentations. Each event is supported by the Netspace Business Development Director if the franchisee requires it ensuring that the franchisee gets the most of the events they run.

Netspace in the US was formed in 1996 and franchised in 2000. The US had 50 franchisees and wanted to launch Netspace in the UK . Elliott Krasnow, President of Netspace says that without using the UK franchise system to launch Netspace in the UK it would have taken them may years and Millions of Dollars without achieving the results Netspace UK are already bringing in. Franchising my business in the UK has enabled us to grow our outlets to 18 in 12 months compared to an estimated 2, should we have tried to launch the business ourselves.

In its first twelve months of trading the Netspace Master Franchise in the UK received over 750 enquiries from interested entrepreneurs. These enquires have been obtained through national public relations, advertising, seminars and exhibition attendance, and is a fantastic result for Netspace. This also clearly demonstrates that the Netspace brand and proposition has quickly become respected in the franchise community and with a staggering 18 franchisees recruited in the same period, this puts Netspace in pole position for the development of a successful brand and franchise proposition – One that really works, with results to prove it.

Franchisees chose Netspace because they aren’t in the business of just selling franchisees.

The success of Netspace is based on the franchisees success and we work with each of them individually to provide a complete Internet business solution that they can take to market. We provide them with an innovative product set, a sound business model and extensive support services. We help them identify prospective market sectors, train them on how to present these services and then continue to help them market into these sectors – we even set appointments for them. No other franchisor offers this level of service.

At Netspace we know we have good products and services and we know we have a solid Internet proposition, it’s the franchisee that are in a position to add value to our brand. This is why the quality of the franchisee is so important. Each franchisee must have an interest and real belief in the power of the Internet, plus a commitment to running their own business.

Netspace franchisees typically come from an Information Technology background either in sales, marketing or IT project management for large corporate companies wanting to set up their own business and the quality of the individual recruited is essential to the success of the Netspace proposition. We have recruited from high level corporate backgrounds to web designers, each having different qualities that they can take to their business however each will have demonstrated that they have that little extra something that will impact on the success of their business.

Iain Forrest – Netspace Tees Valley was an engineer for ICI and has recently won a contract with local Jaguar dealership, Reg Vardy, who for the first time has taken an innovative approach to its marketing campaigns and new car launches. Iain worked with Reg Vardy in Tees Valley to launch their new Jaguar diesel by targeting 2,500 corporate customers through e-mail. Reg Vardy has now also used similar campaigns for their first Preston Farm Dealership. This is a prime example of how the quality of the individual running the franchise, and the excellent products and services available through Netspace are growing the Netspace brand.

The Netspace customer is the ultimate winner in the Netspace proposition, with access to a locally appointed franchisee (Ambassador is a term we like to use) who’s job it is to educate them on how the Internet can help develop and grow their business. They demystify the internet and help customers understand how it really works, providing practical tips on how to get the most out of it. No fancy jargon and no expensive Internet solutions that they don’t really want – just a high level of support for short or long-term business growth in areas including: e-mailing, data security, file sharing, and search engine submission software. These products and services are supplied with no large up-front costs, just small manageable monthly fees however, the service doesn’t stop there – each Netspace franchisee works with each customer throughout the project lifecycle – from conception right through to delivery.

It is this high level of quality service that is growing brand and customer loyalty amongst Netspace customers and this high level of support that is gaining Netspace a good reputation in the franchise community. Netspace, an already respected brand will be a national well-known brand in the very near future.



Netspace was the first and still is the only Internet Business Solutions franchise to receive provisional accreditation to the British Franchise Association.

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