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With over 450 franchise locations throughout the UK, The Money Shop is Britain’s leading name in cheque cashing and “cash ’til payday” loans. We provide a menu of products designed to add value and convenience for customers overlooked by mainstream financial institutions.

Cash any cheque

It is estimated that up to six million people use cheque cashing services in the UK, people who could be your customers, generating new profits for your business. With The Money Shop you’ll be able to offer up to £500 to anyone who needs a cash advance for one month. We perform the loan administration and you earn 2% or approximately £5 for every transaction. This facility attracts a high level of repeat business. You will also be able to cash a cheque made payable to any customer and bank that cheque on their behalf. With an average cheque value of £280, you will earn approximately £10 from each transaction. We have the fastest authorisation process in the UK, with 85% of transactions being completed within two minutes.

Start your own business now with The Money Shop

All you need are a PC, a fax machine and a copier. We supply the sophisticated software that allows you to perform a cheque cashing service effortlessly. We also supply application forms, in-store posters, leaflets, window posters and an exterior light box.

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The Money Shop is Britain's leading name in cheque cashing and "cash 'til payday" loans.

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