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Are you looking for the ‘More’ factor in your life?

  • More time with your family?
  • More cash, less debt?
  • More recognition and rewards?
  • More vacations to exotic places?
  • More improvements to your home?
  • More opportunities for your children?

Let Lifestyle Inc give you the opportunity to earn a substantial income by becoming an Agent, managing your own team of distributors within your own designated territory.

Making money from a Lifestyle Inc business opportunity is as simple as 1-2-3. You

  1. Are allocated your own territory.
  2. Distribute leaflets in your area.
  3. Receive commission on all sales from your area.

Even working part-time, you can start to earn extra money straight away, operating from your home or office. No selling is required. You simply hand out professionally designed leaflets, which we supply, to passers-by at shopping centres, work places, shops, clubs, hotels, car parks, anywhere you find people. Every sale made on our website that originates from your post code area will earn you commission and don’t forget you’ll automatically receive commissions on multiple ticket sales if a person buys more than one ticket from just one leaflet hand-out. We pay you 10% of the face value of all ticket sales in your postcode area. And that means you’ll benefit from extra commissions from national advertising.

You can kick-start your business with friends and family, who may also help you achieve a first-rate income by becoming your distributors.

How it works

Everyone likes a good deal and PrizeDirect, which supplies the prizes for Lifestyle Inc’s winners, provides good deals. PrizeDirect is the world’s best Internet prize site, with the biggest and widest range of prizes available on the Internet today. Prizes have very low ticket allocations, so people who buy a ticket have a really good chance of winning one of PrizeDirect’s fantastic prizes, from kitchen items right up to stunning sports motorcycles like Ducati, Honda and Suzuki, and cars like Mini Coopers, Renault Clios and Audi TTs. At around 2000 ticket allocations there’s a real chance for people to win, unlike the Lottery where the odds are millions to one. Prestige prizes at PrizeDirect include a ‘His ‘n Hers’ top-of-the-range BMW 7 series and Mazda MX5 Sports roadster worth around £80,000. Just think how popular you’ll be when one of your leaflets creates a winner and you are the recipient of significant commission.

Remember, you will be allocated an exclusive postcode territory in which no other agents can distribute and you will receive commission on all sales originating in your postcode area.

Get the Lifestyle for yourself

In business, simple ideas work best. Combine this with the chance of winning fabulous prizes and the result is a money generator that will provide you with a substantial income, all for a low investment business that you can run from home.



Let Lifestyle Inc give you the opportunity to earn a substantial income by becoming an Agent, managing your own team of distributors within your own designated territory. No selling required.

Minimum Start-up Investment: Stg£3,500.
Typical Investment Required: Stg£6,970.

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