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The opportunity

This is an excellent business opportunity for true entrepreneurs to be part of the World no 1 in quotation software yet be their own boss and run their own business

The company

The world no 1 Quotewerks Solutions Partner is expanding through franchising

What do you do when you are already very successful? Although only approaching 6 years old as a Company Quintadena Ltd has been the world no 1 Quotewerks Solutions Partner for the last 4 years. Quintadena is the only company in the United Kingdom focussed exclusively upon working with the award-winning QuoteWerks Quotation Software.

Quintadena Ltd  has been extremely successful in selling small systems (1 to 5 users) to small businesses in a wide range of markets. There is therefore a wealth of experience and a proven track record in this niche market.

There is a massive market for small systems. There are between 4 and 5 million business enterprises in the UK and 99% of these enterprises are small businesses (with 0-49 employees), and medium-sized firms (with 50-249 employees. Quintadena supplies Quotation systems based around QuoteWerks, which are tailored to the specific needs of each business.  By taking the time to develop a clear understanding of the goals and objectives surrounding our clients’ requirements, Quintadena can provide better solutions that will be more robust to the effects of change and scalability.  We work with our clients to make what they do more effective and a lot more efficient.

The franchisee

We are looking for entrepreneurs – people who want to run their own independent business and be successful. But what’s the point in starting from scratch if you benefit from someone else’s experience – re-inventing the wheel? We are looking for long term relationships with people who want to build wealth by developing their business much more quickly than going it alone. Franchising has been termed “a business in a box” and that’s exactly what we do – provide experience, help, support, training and the know how to enable franchisees to get up and running quickly and develop their business to the max. We understand that franchisees have certain qualities – energy, enthusiasm, resilience, motivation and the desire to succeed – just like us.

Day to day…

Our franchisees do not have to be ‘techies’ – we can do the techie bits. We are looking for people who enjoy the buzz of making contacts in their local business community, helping them to improve their businesses and forging long term relationships that grow with clients’ needs. Franchisees are allocated territories by post code near to their home base and they are able to pursue business with any organisation within their territory. Territories are geographically different in size with each having a target population of at least 50000 prospect businesses.

Join the World no 1 Quotewerks specialist BREAKDOWN OF FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY


This is an excellent business opportunity for true entrepreneurs to be part of the World no 1 in quotation software yet be their own boss and run their own business

Total investment required: 15000
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