Computer Troubleshooters

Computer Troubleshooters (CTS), founded just seven years ago in Australia, now operates over 290 locations in 14 countries, making it the largest computer service franchise in the world. CTS customers in every location have the best of both worlds – the personal, friendly service they expect from a small firm, with the support, expertise, and additional services (including application & website development, and IT consulting) offered by a large organization. National and international customers benefit from our extensive international coverage, all coordinated through our Master Franchisee network worldwide. Customers can access our low cost, low overhead franchise design, which allows our franchisees to charge lower rates than most of our competitors, while still providing superior service.

Entrepreneur Magazine has ranked Computer Troubleshooters as the No 1 franchise in the “Tech Support” category and the 277th ranked franchise overall. Computer Troubleshooters was also rated No 12 in the “Top 30 New Franchises” listing. Later this year Computer Troubleshooters will be ranked in the “Top Growth Franchises” and the “Top Global Franchises” listings.

Great opportunities now exist in the UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland for new CTS business owners

We have recently appointed a Regional Director for both the Republic and Northern Ireland.

We are looking for more people, with hardware or software experience, to join the Computer Troubleshooters franchise network.

A Computer Troubleshooter services business owners and home office users. Many businesses cannot afford to employ a full-time computer person and do not need to do so. It is critical for their business, however, that they receive computer service, support and training on a regular basis.

As a CTS franchisee you can promote yourself as the problem-solver for small businesses and home users in your area. Customers can commission you to troubleshoot a problem without being subjected to the high fees or retainer costs charged by the large repair companies. Most Computer Troubleshooters are one or two-person enterprises operated from home, which means no rent or payroll expenses for you. Your business start-up costs and ongoing expenses are therefore much lower than for comparable franchises. However, as part of a world-class service organization with a reputation for friendly professionalism, you enjoy significant benefits:

  • Association with a credible, branded organisation while retaining your independence as a business owner.
  • Access to a proven sales and marketing system.
  • Sharing of expertise with other franchisees in the network.
  • A strong corporate support team to back you up.
  • Availability of assistance from other franchisees when you are away or unavailable.
  • An initial performance maximizing training course followed by on-going training, refresher meetings and newsletters.
  • Comprehensive documentation on how to run your business, plus initial supplies of promotional tools.

In addition, given that all businesses and most homes now have at least one computer, you have a potentially huge market in which to grow. Professional attention to your clients will ensure that you build a base of repeat business while continuing to attract new customers. You have the option of expanding your enterprise as much as you want to and moving to a retail location if growth warrants it. It’s your business so you decide how much you want to expand.

Ask yourself the following questions to see if a CTS franchise could be the right one for you:
  • Are you tired of working for someone else?
  • Do you have computer skills and experience, or good management skills?
  • Would you like to own your own computer business, employing yourself and perhaps one other person initially?
  • Are you keen to start up on your own, but lack business and/or marketing experience and would be uncomfortable working in isolation?
  • Are you looking for the support, training, back-up and proven business plan that a professional franchise can offer?
  • Would you like to join the world’s largest computer service franchise team?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Computer Troubleshooters may be right for you.


Computer Troubleshooters (CTS), founded just seven years ago in Australia, now operates over 290 locations in 14 countries, making it the largest computer service franchise in the world.


Total Investment Required: STG£13,000 + VAT.

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