A healthier snack option for the workplace

The growing trend towards healthier eating and a healthier lifestyle has greatly increased the demand for alternative snack products. Charisnack, in partnership with Julian Graves Ltd, the UK’s largest independent specialist snack and ingredients retailer, has met this demand by placing a superb selection of healthier snack foods directly into the workplace.

The Charisnack franchise is a new and comprehensive business package that enables you to get started quickly in your own successful, easy-to-run enterprise. This exciting franchise opportunity is perfectly placed to help people from all walks of life run a business that is highly rewarding, both financially and personally. It does not require sales ability or previous business experience. It is suitable for men and women of any age or background who enjoy meeting people and want to be in charge of their own destiny.

In addition, as a Charisnack franchisee, you will have the satisfaction of knowing your hard work benefits blind and visually impaired children in the UK by supporting the National Blind Children’s Society. Charisnack, in partnership with Julian Graves Ltd, contributes to the brilliant work of NBCS by making a donation to the charity for every single snack we sell. These donations do not in any way affect our franchisees’ profits because they are made directly by Charisnack on a monthly basis, as products are ordered.

How the franchise works

Our franchisees provide healthier snack options, which retail at just £1 each, from attractive, Charisnack Honesty Snack Boxes, to people at their workplace. The contents of the snack boxes are much healthier than the traditional bacon buttie, cream cake or chocolate bar. The snacks are sold in well-branded, clear polythene bags so that customers can see what they are buying. The boxes are freely left with the customer without contracts or commitment. Our franchisees, working from an attractive Charisnack branded vehicle, collect the cash and restock the boxes at appropriate intervals.

Every size and type of business or organisation is a potential customer, from those with just two employees to multi-site companies employing thousands. Just imagine the number of potential sites with staff in your area – large and small offices, factories, banks, shops, colleges, schools, clubs, retirement homes, solicitors, medical practices, garages, workshops, industrial units, cinemas, hair salons and many more.

Charisnack will establish your first 150 customers for you in your own exclusive postcode area and supply them with initial boxes and stock, which means that you can start earning money quickly from this cash and repeat business. Just collect the cash and restock the boxes. We will also provide you with an additional 100 boxes and stock so that you can meet new customer demand without further expenditure. You can then expand your business at your own pace.

We will be there to help you all the way, starting with our initial comprehensive training programme and then on-going support whenever you need it. We will work closely with you to ensure that your business is developed as quickly as possible and that you have access to all the advice and assistance you need.

There’s nothing quite like the excitement, exhilaration and freedom of running your own successful business and, with the Charisnack franchise, you could be on your way to a very prosperous future sooner than you thought.

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Charisnack, in partnership with Julian Graves Ltd, places a superb selection of healthier snack foods directly into the workplace. Franchisees can tap into huge markets in their own protected territory.


Total Investment Required: £14,950 + VAT.

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