247 Professional Health

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The business is in our opinion on of the best care franchises available in the UK. The business has in our opinion constantly outperformed all competitors in the healthcare staffing sector and even during the recession has shown growth.


  • The Franchise Fee costs £16,000+VAT.
  • The Management Charges are 3.9%.
  • You will have your own territory.
  • You will enjoy low set up costs and overheads.
  • You will enjoy a specialist, reputable brand name.
  • You should expect a first year turnover of circa £300,000.
  • You will access a multi £billion market with high levels of demand.
  • You will enjoy continuous training and support to help you succeed.
  • The operating methods are already proven and have been in operation since 2008.

The 247 Professional Health Franchise is the premier healthcare franchise available today and the figures tell the story.

The question always asked all the time is “why is the business model so efficient that the cash flow requirement is relatively low?” The answer is simple; the franchise starts from a different place than the others. Our plan is to get the new franchises trading very quickly thereby replacing a cash requirement with earned profit.

Everything in this care franchise business is designed with a speedy start in mind. Firstly there is no waiting for marketing to start because the business already has a client database of over 30,000 establishments.

More detail

Included in the Franchise Fee is all the equipment; training materials and software you need to start the business:

  • Recruitment & Employment Confederation corporate membership.
  • Corporate promotional items. 800 items
  • Individual Website page with email and hosting
  • 0845 Telephone – setup paid.
  • Client presentation items. 850 items
  • Client Relationship Management System – First Year support
  • Client territory database.
  • 247 Professional Health online jobs board
  • A full and complete suite of industry standard staff training DVD videos.
  • 247 Professional Health Exchange Server with ActiveSync for all smart phones including Blackberry, Apple and Android.

The business is registered with Investors In People together with being a corporate member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation.

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Operating in the UK Healthcare sector, the franchise provides a low cost, high return but simple-to-run business in a market which operates in a robust and growing sector.

Costs would be the franchise fee of £16,000 + office development. Pilot achieved first year figures of £396k; second year £900k!

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