Jan 2

Really there’s only one issue

Talking to people about what they do and where they think their lives are going makes one realise that some are worried and dissatisfied with the view Some are worried about the view in the future too. I guess they are all considering some form of change in current situation they find themselves in or […]

Jan 2

UK franchises are profitable

Whether you are simply dissatisfied in your job or just needing a change, self employment is something that many of consider an alternative to work. Of course it’s easy to see why; the money you earn is yours to keep and you are your own boss managing your own money and time. The big conundrum […]

Dec 22

How can redundancy ever be a good thing?

Well check this short story shared with me this week: I know that sounds crazy to anyone in the position of a redundancy. How can this ever be a good thing? Well, looking back on my situation, redundancy led me to where I am today. My life is better because of it, and I’m a better […]

Dec 21

How to quit the rat race and get off the waiting for the payday treadmill.

You need a solid plan This is not an impossible dream. Many many people have assets of more than £1,000,000 in the UK now, in fact it’s more than 280,000 people at the moment and that figure is rising. How do you get there? If you have a job and it’s not a high-payer then please […]

Dec 19

Increased Use of Temporary Staff forecast for 2011

The end of the year always seems like a good time for some reflection…I have been working in the recruitment industry for just over 20 years. In that time I have also survived 3 major economic slumps. One of the things I have noticed in the past three recessions, is how economic uncertainty always corresponds […]

Dec 11

What to do after redundancy

Redundancy If you’re facing redundancy or have just experienced it, you will naturally want to think about your future. Should you look for another job like the one you’ve just left? Something a bit different? Perhaps even going into business on your own? Self-employment can seem like an attractive option for many people in those […]

Dec 4


It should form part of your business plan and it’s always an opinion. Firstly decide who to involve in the analysis (opinion). Once you have your SWOT analysis remember that it is an ever evolving process and what’s a strength today may be a weakness tomorrow so revisit your analysis regularly. When listing your strengths […]

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