Mar 31

Learn why franchising is better in these pages

The franchising arena is having a dream run all over the world. As the IT bubble burst, people found out how risky start-up businesses can be. But, people still want to launch a business of their own. That is why franchising is becoming a perfect vehicle to launch a career. Franchising gives you all the […]

Mar 28

Become an Entrepreneur

You know you want to be a small business owner but you don’t know what small business you want to own. This is why we have franchises and franchising consultants like Buying into a franchise is like walking a tightrope with a net and a safety harness; you can still fall, but you have […]

Mar 24

What is a franchisor then?

A form of business organisation in which a firm which already has a successful product or service becomes a franchisor by entering into a continuing contractual relationship with other businesses (named a franchisee within the contactual relationship) operating under the franchisor’s trade name and usually with the franchisor’s guidance, in exchange for a fee. … simple  😆

Mar 22

So your changing your job – but what about a franchise?

So your current job situation is getting more stressful or unstable. You want a way out and you want to control your future. Starting your own business will take time, money, experimentation, and resources. Buying an existing business comes with many headaches — debt, bad location, and many more hassles — so you have decided that franchising […]

Jan 8

Blackberry Playbook Update 2011

For those interested here is a further update  on the Blackberry Playbook that is available soon. The Blackberry Playbook comes complete with a dual-core processor, multitasking support and Flash 10.1, RIM is hoping that the Blackberry Playbook can tempt us to pass over the iPad or Android tablets in search for the perfect tablet. This replaces […]

Jan 3

What type of business should I start?

Maybe you’ve made the decision to start a business. Now you’re asking yourself but what type of business should you start? You already know that there’s a world of possibilities out there for anyone who wants to start a business. How can you possibly winnow them down to find the type of business that’s right […]

Jan 2

Really there’s only one issue

Talking to people about what they do and where they think their lives are going makes one realise that some are worried and dissatisfied with the view Some are worried about the view in the future too. I guess they are all considering some form of change in current situation they find themselves in or […]

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