Apr 10

The right place to start and expand a business.

If you are looking for information on starting or improving your business then you are in the right place. #1 rule – When in hole stop digging We cover everything: tips on banking, selling; credit control and scalability, it is all here for you. Here at topfranchise.net we encourage networking through prestige organisations like the Institute of Directors (IoD), […]

Apr 8

Definition of a Business Format Franchise

For a business to be considered to be a offering a genuine franchise opportunity it has to meet the criteria of being a genuine Business Format Franchise. The following defines the characteristics of such a business. The Franchisor should have registered, protected and secured the Intellectual Property Rights in relation to their brand. This, then […]

Apr 8

We’ve identified 10 categories as the industries to watch in 2011.

The future of franchising is looking bright: Figures in the last full year reported that 10.5% of all businesses with paid employees were franchises, the latest data, and that they grew further and generated a staggering annual sales. Where is franchising headed next? We’ve identified 10 categories as the industries to watch in 2011. Whether they’re […]

Apr 7

Got a new idea to franchise?

There are many advantages to franchising an idea. You can increase your client base and profits without the need to acquire more investment capital. Starting a franchise is a great way to share your ideas and gain popularity and a positive reputation in communities other than your own. There are certain steps you must follow […]

Apr 7

There are a few issues to consider when you want to acquire a cheap franchise

There are a few issues to consider when you want to acquire a cheap franchise; sometimes the cheapest isn’t necessarily the best value. If you don’t consider some important issues that you may run into when buying a cheap franchise, you may still be wasting your money, even on the cheapest of franchises. Attaining a […]

Apr 5

Your first date with your new business project

Treat them like you would treat a date with a potential life partner – you don’t want to make a bad impression but you don’t want to end up tied to a badly structured or downright poor franchise. Finances There are a number of areas where you need to get the franchisor to spell out […]

Apr 2

We are ready to help you build your franchise and the help is free.

A recent survey conducted by BFA & Natwest estimates that over 1,000 new franchised business entered the market last year. While other self-proclaimed franchise experts promise you the world, get real world results because we’ve already built franchised business and several times. A fresh and energetic approach to franchising is what you need and our […]

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