Apr 13

VAT ‘boosts sales’

Cut in VAT ‘boosts retail sales’ The government’s much-criticised cut in VAT is working and has led to a big boost in consumer spending, according to a leading economics consultancy. The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) says that the cut, which took effect on 1 December 2008, has led to £2.1bn of extra […]

Apr 12

It’s the baby boomers who lead from the front buying franchises..

Baby Boomers over 50 are buying franchise businesses Baby Boomers in their 50s now realise we’ve got a lot left to experience and now our goal is to figure out what we want to do with the second half of our adult life.  It used to be that when someone turned 55, he or she […]

Apr 10

Some recession proofed businesses

Here are 10 of the most recession-proof businesses, some of which actually perform during a downturn. I’ve split the sectors again for interest Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Discretionary Retailer of affordable luxuries People don’t necessarily cut out luxuries. If anything, people value them even more during tough times and will guard them jealously. Affordable versions of luxury brands […]

Mar 18

Recruitment Agencies (I have one) are risking damage…

Recruitment Agencies (I have one) are risking damage to themselves, their employers and the industry as they are increasingly caught out in unethical acts.  If the tougher conditions have a positive side, it is that they will ultimately weed out the poor agencies behaving in ways that can provide only short-term gains. (1) Faking jobs: Take a […]

Oct 26

Another interest…

Got a small business and getting doors slammed in you face?      Need to know how to start a business? Need to know how to get more opportunities to sell? Need to know how to convert opportunities into sales? Need to know how to get more profit from sales? Need to know how to expand? Need […]

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