Feb 24

Franchises continue to grow in Healthcare Sector

As the population ages, an emerging trend in franchises will be those that serve these populations. Healthcare-focused franchises will gain momentum not just in 2010, but for many years down the road. We’re not just talking care homes; residential homes and nursing homes here – advances in medicine and technology will allow people to live […]

Feb 24

An examination of the golden years may be called for.

As governments try to tackle huge structural budget deficits, one means of attack is to delay paying state pensions by gently raising the official state-retirement age. Protests are expected in Spain on Tuesday February 23rd against an official plan to lift the retirement age by two years to 67. Official retirement ages have failed to […]

Feb 19

I tell you this about 2010…

If you are looking to start a small business or possibly a franchise 2010; you follow news on the  television avidly, you read the newspapers too and are not looking at Healthcare; Education or the Environment as the business to start – then you’re mad. Statistics: There are 4.8 million small businesses in the UK (up from 4 […]

Feb 9

Jeremy Vine and the Tsunami Of The Aged

Hi Les Just listened to Jeremy Vine BBC radio 2 guest who described our population as a Tsunami of older people on the way! Good for your business… R…. Slightly bad taste I guess but what is amazing is that it’s absolutely correct. There are more of pensionable age than teenage. There are couple of things […]

Jan 28

Latest franchisees are the proud to join 247 Professional Health

The latest franchisees are the proud to join 247 Professional Health; equally 247 Professional Health is delighted they have decided to join.  The sector and 247 Professional Health  has provided great support and has kept everyone focused through the training and discovery process. From backgrounds in IT and sales the new franchisees have both cultivated great leadership […]

Jan 17

The SWOT should always be part of your business plan

SWOT. It should also form part of your business plan. Firstly decide who to involve in the analysis and make sure you involve different levels in order to get a rounded opinion – think about involving different sorts of stakeholders – customers as well as staff for example then brainstorm ideas. It’s also useful when […]

Jan 14

Sarah Heath: 12 months ago I made the decision to go self employed….

Sarah Heath 12 months ago I made the decision to go self employed….with the support of some of the best people in the industry I can honestly say it was the best decision I have ever made, thanks to Les, Roz and Joe !! here’s to a wonderful 2010 !! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1544282919&ref=nf http://www.247professionalhealth.com/247socialcare/locations/

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