Aug 10

A users review. Blackberry Playbook -v- iPad

When I was considering buying a Playbook in June, it was hard for me to find a review (more recent than April) that was not biased one way or the other. As I had a PB for a month and I also own an Ipad, I thought it could be useful to prepare this non-technical […]

Aug 1

NEW Blackberry Playbook advertisement video – stunning

Aug 1

The awesome Niagra Falls – incredibly recorded on a Blackberry Playbook

Jun 29

New Facebook group – Netbods

Check this new Facebook group– Netbods Netbods believes in the power of the Internet to inspire and stimulate, to make people think and act differently. It could used to be to shout messages, entertain, laugh, interact, brand and even make conversation.

May 24

Welcome to the new computer..

Last week, Google surprised many by unveiling its Chrome OS, giving a glimpse of how it would look and more details about how it will work. However, it revealed that Chrome OS would only be made available on specially designed hardware, and these wouldn’t be available to buy until Christmas – in 2010. However, Chrome […]

Mar 15 is a must on foreign server!

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Well this weekend I learned something new; something I had read about; ignored and and didnt know. Searches on Google Bamboo Solutions let me have a little tip. I had my blog hosted in Germany because have their servers there even though they boast UK ( domain. Because of that and the fact that my primary domain; or at the least […]

Dec 26

Technorati: blogs now break news

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Technorati, a site that tracks blogs, says one new blog is created every second. Most, admittedly, are not worth reading. Some, however, have become indispensable. In the technology sector, blogs now break news. Techcrunch, for instance, was the first outlet to report Google’s $1.65 billion YouTube acquisition last year. They have also threatened to break […]


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