Dec 11

What to do after redundancy

Redundancy If you’re facing redundancy or have just experienced it, you will naturally want to think about your future. Should you look for another job like the one you’ve just left? Something a bit different? Perhaps even going into business on your own? Self-employment can seem like an attractive option for many people in those […]

Dec 4


It should form part of your business plan and it’s always an opinion. Firstly decide who to involve in the analysis (opinion). Once you have your SWOT analysis remember that it is an ever evolving process and what’s a strength today may be a weakness tomorrow so revisit your analysis regularly. When listing your strengths […]

Dec 3

Beat that redundancy with a Franchise

Many people can often find the day to day routine of work life tiresome and repetitive. It becomes a difficult task to remain motivate and look forward to work in the current economic downturn therefore in many cases people are looking to become independent as they are no longer able to rely on their jobs. Every day we also […]

Nov 27

2011 and the future of the UK franchise marketplace

It is often said that the New Year always brings a fresh start and for many a change of career. With just a few weeks to go until 2011, 247 Professional Health is already finding this to be the case. During November head office received a record number of applications for its franchise prospectus. More […]

Oct 25

Slowdown increases interest in franchising

More people are considering a move into business as a result of the economic downturn and the arrival of the end of the recession and that’s a fact.  Franchises are be snapped up everywhere; why is because it’s the safer option assuming you want to start a business. More than 2,000 people have registered on […]

Jul 18

Lifestyle businesses are fine – you have permission to start one

I have never understood the antipathy and dislike that otherwise rational people have for lifestyle business. The heart of the issue is this question: what constitutes business success? I guess for some it’s size; others  have other measures. In an age of growing awareness of carbon footprint, in a time when the fastest growing businesses are […]

Jul 4

Find solid businesses in recession

What types of franchises traditionally are more solid during a recession? Let’s face it, the mere word “recession” strikes fear into many people, because it implies hardship, job loss, and therefore, loss of income. So, in times of recession, those without jobs, but with the economic means, will seek to replace routine employment with self-employment. […]

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