Aug 1

NEW Blackberry Playbook advertisement video – stunning

Aug 1

The awesome Niagra Falls – incredibly recorded on a Blackberry Playbook

Jul 9

“Mr Customer I do this (you’re looking for it) and that benefits you this way (which is where you want to be)…”

It’s important when developing your business proposition that it be clear and concise. It’s best to start by focusing on what the needs are of your target group and what they all have in common. What do they all want that your business to do or provide? Esoterically what is the most important to them? […]

Jul 25

The latest Big Mac index suggests the euro is still overvalued!

Ask western policymakers how they intend to squeeze growth from their sluggish economies and most pin their hopes on higher exports. That makes exchange rates an especially sensitive topic. A weaker currency improves the competitiveness of a country by making exports cheaper. It also encourages domestic consumers to switch from expensive imports to domestic goods. The […]

Jul 22

Not what you want on quiet afternoon

A couple watching whales from a sailboat got a close-up view when a southern white whale soared out of the water off Cape Town and landed on their boat, snapping the mast. This species of whale navigates by sound and has poor eyesight meaning it may have simply not heard the sailboat, which had its […]

Jul 20

Anyone for some cheese; perhaps the nutty type?

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US President Barack Obama may have to reconsider his decision to abandon plans to return to the Moon – it seems our closest galactic neighbour is still throwing up surprises. Last year, NASA’a Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) dipped into a low orbit around the Moon and almost immediately returned results. Early in May, it found […]

Jul 5

Incapacity claimant cheats to end; whoever they are..

The government has signalled its intention to intensify the assessment of incapacity benefit and encourage those who are fit for work back into employment. George Osborne said it was important to protect those with “genuine needs”, while cutting the welfare bill in order to reduce the budget deficit. Last year £12.5 billion was spent on […]

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