Aug 8

Write your own business plan.

That’s right, you want to draw up your own business plan. It’s the first step for any entrepreneur looking to launch a startup and you’ll need one to succeed. Having a business plan is vital to document how your company aims to achieve its goals and what strategy and actions are required to reach them. […]

Jul 18

Lifestyle businesses are fine – you have permission to start one

I have never understood the antipathy and dislike that otherwise rational people have for lifestyle business. The heart of the issue is this question: what constitutes business success? I guess for some it’s size; others  have other measures. In an age of growing awareness of carbon footprint, in a time when the fastest growing businesses are […]

Jul 4

Find solid businesses in recession

What types of franchises traditionally are more solid during a recession? Let’s face it, the mere word “recession” strikes fear into many people, because it implies hardship, job loss, and therefore, loss of income. So, in times of recession, those without jobs, but with the economic means, will seek to replace routine employment with self-employment. […]

Jun 30

Business Link goes – thank god for that.

Mark Prisk said the network, subject to speculation about its future for several weeks, is to be shut down due to the amount of money spent on telling entrepreneurs where to get advice. “The regional Business Links have spent too much time signposting and not enough time actually advising,” the MP told Real Business. “We’re going […]

Jun 29

New Facebook group – Netbods

Check this new Facebook group– Netbods Netbods believes in the power of the Internet to inspire and stimulate, to make people think and act differently. It could used to be to shout messages, entertain, laugh, interact, brand and even make conversation.

Jun 21

The Chasm

It is fairly common for people who are considering business or franchise ownership to look at a directory of business or franchises; magazine lists of “top” franchises and businesses.  Many in business are severely skeptical about these lists. I am one of them. Is that really a smart way to find a business or franchise that is […]

Jun 13

Industry report on the Domiciliary Care Market

With the growth in UK population and our increasing lifespans, the UK has an ever increasing number of older people. 247 Professional Health’s Director Roz Armitage reflects on the sweeping changes that the care services industry has undergone over the last 20 years and the creation of the domiciliary care market. Up to the early 1980s, the […]

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