Mar 31

Learn why franchising is better in these pages

The franchising arena is having a dream run all over the world. As the IT bubble burst, people found out how risky start-up businesses can be. But, people still want to launch a business of their own. That is why franchising is becoming a perfect vehicle to launch a career. Franchising gives you all the […]

Mar 31

Winners always win in business and that is also why franchising always works.

  The Win-Win philosophy entails doing business where both sides are winners. It become a universal business tool in the concluding part of the 20th century. Concluding businesses where every participant is a winner is new and unattainable to many who were groomed to think that in the business world, the winner takes it all.  […]

Mar 28

Become an Entrepreneur

You know you want to be a small business owner but you don’t know what small business you want to own. This is why we have franchises and franchising consultants like Buying into a franchise is like walking a tightrope with a net and a safety harness; you can still fall, but you have […]

Mar 26

Check our essential guide to buying a franchise

Essential Guide To Buying A Franchise Read the guide below to see if you are making the right decision. We offer both practical commercial advice as well as legal advice. Which Franchise?  Usually prospective franchisees have a particular franchise in mind. The first thing we always ask is – why select that one? There are […]

Mar 25

The biggest problem in all of small business is not high rents

The biggest problem in all of small business is not high rents or finding a trustworthy workforce or even heightened competition although those are certainly challenges that all business owners face. The biggest problem can be the lack of financing. In the small business world, a business NEW buyer generally has an extremely tough time […]

Mar 24

Franchise and Business Opportunity Expectations for 2011-2012

It’s fun to dust off the proverbial crystal ball and predict what the coming times may hold in store for the franchise world. But first, a quick review of the upheaval that the franchise industry has endured in the recent years is in order. There has seen a huge increase in unemployment, the worst recession since […]

Mar 24

Franchise company why it’s important to consider the of growth

When evaluating any franchise company, it’s important to consider the system’s rate of growth as it relates to potential risk factors and therefore your investment. You want to make sure the franchise has the long-term viability associated with vibrant growth, but also that it’s not growing too fast to manage the issues associated with this […]

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