Jun 20

So you think £100,000 is enough? Friends you need a business and you will find one here.

You probably wouldn’t have trouble spending £100,000. But what looks like a huge sum is not so impressive when you consider what you might need for a comfortable retirement. Today, a pension pot of £100,000 saved throughout a working life would buy a 65-year-old non-smoker an annuity, or annual income, of £6,000 to £7,000 a […]

Apr 23

Thinking of a franchise or business opportunity to solve your income challenges?

There is no question that there are clear guidelines to consider when shopping for a franchise business opportunity. There are personal guidelines for you to consider at your end and there are certain elements you are looking for in the franchisor too. Your own personal checklist might look like this: I have enough money or […]

Apr 15

In your franchise proposal – who’s the boss?

Franchising can be a great way to start your own business and the failure rate for franchises is much less than that of non franchise start-ups. You still need to do your homework and ask and be satisfied about many questions which you might not think about in your enthusiasm to start your own business. The franchise agreement from a major franchisor will […]

Apr 10

How to franchise your business

If you need a energetic approach to franchising is what you need and our vast experience allows us to provide exactly that. Whilst others have spent their time tweaking the process we assure success. Each and every one of our consultants has hands-on experience building successful franchises from scratch. This experience translates into an in-depth […]

Apr 10

The right place to start and expand a business.

If you are looking for information on starting or improving your business then you are in the right place. #1 rule – When in hole stop digging We cover everything: tips on banking, selling; credit control and scalability, it is all here for you. Here at topfranchise.net we encourage networking through prestige organisations like the Institute of Directors (IoD), […]

Apr 9

The key factors to consider if choosing a franchise structure for your business

Franchises A franchise is not a legal structure but is a business model that can operate under one of the legal structures, ie as a sole trader, or type of partnership or limited company – see these pages for examples and examination: sole trader partnerships private companies Buying a ‘franchise‘ is a way of taking […]

Apr 5

Your first date with your new business project

Treat them like you would treat a date with a potential life partner – you don’t want to make a bad impression but you don’t want to end up tied to a badly structured or downright poor franchise. Finances There are a number of areas where you need to get the franchisor to spell out […]

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