Apr 10

Some recession proofed businesses

Here are 10 of the most recession-proof businesses, some of which actually perform during a downturn. I’ve split the sectors again for interest Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Discretionary Retailer of affordable luxuries People don’t necessarily cut out luxuries. If anything, people value them even more during tough times and will guard them jealously. Affordable versions of luxury brands […]

Mar 27

Businesses that sell things or trade where the product or service is management and is not a discretionary purchase … now that’s smart!

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Franchising is used to describe many different forms of business relationships, including licensing, distributor and agency arrangements. The more popular use of the term has arisen from the development of what is called ‘Business Format Franchising’. This today the fastest-growing segment of franchising and has spread to virtually every sector of the economy in UK. It has […]

Mar 23

What’s really happening to the ecomomy?

What’s happening out there… From redundancy in the building sector Ryan gets a job selling Honda cars; month to date sold 13 which is over budget. The dealership is also over budget but only on used cars. New cars are under budget but not desperately so. In the sector itself the news is dreadful as […]

Feb 24

Oh such wonderful news – but is it true?

If you listen to estate agents and surveyors and believe what they say about the housing market, they have some interesting news:  The frozen housing market is thawing and buyers are coming back into the market….. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7905982.stm What’s your opinion of the housing market; Gordon; David Cameron?

Jan 24

247Staff Manchester has had a great week.

247Staff Manchester like the red devils of the same town has had a great week.. Last week our 2 newest associates finished their training.  First thing this week they were in branch with action plans and rearing to go.  At the end of today they should have 150-200 companies on their databases that they will […]

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