Sep 26

Some have their own rules but these are mine….

Don’t let your ego get in the way of you income It ain’t as bad as you think, it will look better in the morning. If there’s one experience universal to ALL home-business owners, particularly those running a business on the internet, it’s the occasional feeling that you’re just spinning your wheels, and not getting […]

Aug 1

NEW Blackberry Playbook advertisement video – stunning

Aug 1

The awesome Niagra Falls – incredibly recorded on a Blackberry Playbook

Jul 9

“Mr Customer I do this (you’re looking for it) and that benefits you this way (which is where you want to be)…”

It’s important when developing your business proposition that it be clear and concise. It’s best to start by focusing on what the needs are of your target group and what they all have in common. What do they all want that your business to do or provide? Esoterically what is the most important to them? […]

Apr 15

In your franchise proposal – who’s the boss?

Franchising can be a great way to start your own business and the failure rate for franchises is much less than that of non franchise start-ups. You still need to do your homework and ask and be satisfied about many questions which you might not think about in your enthusiasm to start your own business. The franchise agreement from a major franchisor will […]

Oct 19

They’re going to be on the up…

Despite the longest recession since the 1930s, UK house prices overall have started to rise again. Despite some downward blips and short term pressure they are now close to 10% higher than their lowest point. Rising house prices are often seen as a good thing, at least by those who own a house. But, is […]

Sep 13

Giant Ponzi Scheme Report

Tiny West African nation of Benin has been rare success story in continent not full of them. It has long taken pride in a stable political life, with no military in the streets, a Parliament not in the pocket of the president and a relatively free press. It has not looked back since a popular […]

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