Jun 20

So you think £100,000 is enough? Friends you need a business and you will find one here.

You probably wouldn’t have trouble spending £100,000. But what looks like a huge sum is not so impressive when you consider what you might need for a comfortable retirement. Today, a pension pot of £100,000 saved throughout a working life would buy a 65-year-old non-smoker an annuity, or annual income, of £6,000 to £7,000 a […]

Apr 14

The Essential Guide To Buying A Franchise

Read our guide below to see if you are making the right decision. 1. Which Franchise? Usually prospective franchisees come to us with a particular franchise in mind. The first thing we always ask is – why select that one? There are lots of franchisors who would no doubt like to have you as a […]

Jul 7

Goodbye Windows – hello Mac

I’ve been a Microsoft Windows user since Windows 3.1. I remember the day I upgraded to Windows 95 and it felt like going from the stone age to the iron age – the Start Menu seemed like a great idea and it looked fantastic – my world was changed forever. I’ve been using Windows ever […]

Jul 5

Incapacity claimant cheats to end; whoever they are..

The government has signalled its intention to intensify the assessment of incapacity benefit and encourage those who are fit for work back into employment. George Osborne said it was important to protect those with “genuine needs”, while cutting the welfare bill in order to reduce the budget deficit. Last year £12.5 billion was spent on […]

Jul 4

Les Armitage: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-04

After a busy week saturday midday coffee and brunch on patio. Wonderful day. Sirloin planned for the dinner this evening. Great. # What a waste of time all that was then. Vote: car park Wembley. Car park Wimbledon. ASAP. Cut costs. # Hmmm. Internet down midnight to 5am. Doesn’t it feel lonely. Happy it’s back […]

Jun 29

iPhone4 woes report on the BBC

BBC Technology Correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones tries the new iPhone’s filming and editing technology in a home-made phone video. Apple has released official advice for iPhone 4 owners to overcome the problem of the device losing signal when held by the lower left corner.

Jun 18

Best holiday in England – Which

Which Website and magazine makes Blackpool top seaside town Blackpool puts Brighton in second place Blackpool Brassy, kitsch and fun – Blackpool has been given the thumbs up by the seaside-loving British public to become the nation’s favourite seaside town. Boasting annual visitor numbers of 10 million, this well-loved resort beat 150 British seaside destinations […]

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