Aug 10

A users review. Blackberry Playbook -v- iPad

When I was considering buying a Playbook in June, it was hard for me to find a review (more recent than April) that was not biased one way or the other. As I had a PB for a month and I also own an Ipad, I thought it could be useful to prepare this non-technical […]

Aug 1

NEW Blackberry Playbook advertisement video – stunning

Jul 24

Significant news – today the BlackBerry® PlayBook gets certified.

We have very significant news to share with our government customers – today the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet officially received FIPS 140-2 certification, the first tablet to ever have received this certification. With FIPS 140-2 certification, the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet can now be used by the U.S. federal government with confidence, knowing that it meets their […]

Apr 20

Need funding for a franchise venture?

Welcome You have reached Gardner Riley. We are internationally based specialist business consultants. Our key sector is franchising and business development through that methodology whereby we work privately with Shareholders and Directors; franchisees and franchisors alike to change the way companies can expand. Based on our extensive industry experience we advise businesses on whether their […]

Apr 14

The Essential Guide To Buying A Franchise

Read our guide below to see if you are making the right decision. 1. Which Franchise? Usually prospective franchisees come to us with a particular franchise in mind. The first thing we always ask is – why select that one? There are lots of franchisors who would no doubt like to have you as a […]

Apr 10

The right place to start and expand a business.

If you are looking for information on starting or improving your business then you are in the right place. #1 rule – When in hole stop digging We cover everything: tips on banking, selling; credit control and scalability, it is all here for you. Here at we encourage networking through prestige organisations like the Institute of Directors (IoD), […]

Apr 10

Bankruptcy happens because someone ignored the problem.

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Bankruptcy is essentially an inability to meets one’s financial commitments as they become due. Public stereotypes of bankruptcy are often negative and associated with failure, poor financial management and can often lead to the individual being stigmatised by family and friends. It must be stressed however that many people face bankruptcy for a host of […]

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