Oct 19

They’re going to be on the up…

Despite the longest recession since the 1930s, UK house prices overall have started to rise again. Despite some downward blips and short term pressure they are now close to 10% higher than their lowest point. Rising house prices are often seen as a good thing, at least by those who own a house. But, is […]

Oct 18

Movements afoot from employment in the Public Sector to the Private Sector and Startup Businesses

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According to a totaljobs.com public sector survey, 97.11 per cent of private sector employees would think about a move to the public sector. With the economy’s recovery remaining uncertain, almost a third (30.6 per cent) of those considering the public sector said that job security is the most important consideration ahead of securing a new […]

Oct 18

Public de-staffing to the Private Sector has started and grows

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Cameron and the tory chancellor demonstrates the future by cutting 15,000 people from the NHS payroll. Dozens of hospitals are planning to switch from a payroll cost to a flexible alternative. Others have announced plans to save millions by scaling back on the services they offer. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/nhs-slashes-thousands-of-jobs-ndash-despite-pledge-to-protect-it-from-cuts-2109412.html

Oct 16

Blackberry Playpad

Doesn’t sound (Playpad) very business like does it? On the other hand its not exactly designed to be purely for business either. The ‘Playpad’ will be smaller than Apples Ipad at approx 7 inches square as opposed to 9 inches square. Its also lighter than the Ipad. Runs FLASH too! Rear and front facing cameras; […]

Oct 9

Being self employed – pure joy

The growth of franchising is inevitable because of the inescapable logic of the underlying concept. Franchising clearly offers aspiring, new business owners the very best possible chance of succeeding with the least amount of risk. Within a decade or less, franchising will comprise over 50% of the retail economy, will employ millions of people, and will […]

Oct 6

Winners WIN!

The difficult times of the last few years cause everyone to look carefully at their financial position, lifestyle, career, etc. When shadows are cast over our futures, whether it be through redundancy or even rumors or threats of cutbacks at work, we all naturally look to make cost savings where we can and tighten our […]

Sep 29

Blackberry Playbook Review

Blackberry has announced its answer to Apple’s iPad with a device called the Playbook. The company unveiled its tablet computer to much anticipation at its developer conference, Devcon, in San Francisco. It is one of the first business-centric devices in the tablet market. Analysts said that the release was a clever move by the Blackberry maker Research In […]

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