Sep 27

Franchising – is it new? No…

Although franchising is mistakenly thought to be a twentieth century innovation, the concept has its first beginnings in the European feudal systems of the middle ages. When landowners began granting rights to peasants to use land in exchange for a fee and part of the profits, they were actually practicing a system that would evolve into […]

Sep 22

Take a moment to reflect on Healthcare Sales through the Year so far through an business transfer agent I know very well.

Throughout the year we have seen the whole country go through an extremely tough financial time, but one sector that has continued to stand out from the rest is the Healthcare Sector.  There have been some superb deals happen this year, and we wanted to take a moment to reflect on what we believe to […]

Sep 18

Why do many small businesses fail?

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Two-thirds of new businesses survive for at least two years, and only 44 percent survive at least four years. Why some businesses fail and why some succeed is a matter of debate, although there are some common mistakes that can sink a business in no time. What is really interesting too is that the Directors […]

Sep 13

Giant Ponzi Scheme Report

Tiny West African nation of Benin has been rare success story in continent not full of them. It has long taken pride in a stable political life, with no military in the streets, a Parliament not in the pocket of the president and a relatively free press. It has not looked back since a popular […]

Sep 11

Is entrepreneurship or business is right for me?

Before you start down the path to small business bliss, here are five things you should consider when starting a business from scratch. What’s my passion level? Starting a business, like any big change, is stressful. There are some things most small business owners face: long hours, making ends meet, and general rough spots in the […]

Sep 11

Be the best you can be at what you do: that works

Andy Murray said on losing to Rafael Nadal, “It’s not like I played badly. He played great, and that was the difference.” It reminded me of what it takes to win the business game too, where you are up against equally stiff competition. Like Andy, the vast majority of companies don’t play badly but they […]

Aug 25

Well that’s obvious; anyone could have told them that.

Researchers have discovered that simply flashing a dollar-sign cue can spark immediate activation in a brain region that co-ordinates the interaction of cognitive control and motivational functions. This action effectively puts these areas on alert that there is money to be won in the challenge ahead. Whether it’s sports, poker or the high-stakes world of […]

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