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This site generates traffic; lots of it. Generating perhaps a 1000 hits a day the site is targeted to individuals; entrepreneurs, investors, new business opportunists.

The site offers multiple ways to build your brand and get your message to our large and loyal readership. Advertising is sold in 30 day periods using PayPal subscription service.

Summary and logo gets listed for £50 per month (+VAT)

FREE to upload your own summary for your company along with Logo. You can change and edit this at any time and no cost.

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The 468—60 ad appears on the bottom of the one of the top three posts as well as an individual post..

Size 125—125 Button Sponsorship – £35/month (+VAT)

The 125—125 button appear on every page, under the heading Sponsors. Button locations are randomized with each page load to give advertisers even exposure.

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We help entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners team up with brand name franchises and businesses opportunities for mutual success.

Investing in a franchise or business opportunity gives you the advantage of a proven effective business model and expert tuition.

We've created this site to help potential investors learn the basics of franchising and find the perfect opportunity.

Bookmark this site, as we will very soon release a complete directory of known franchises and business opportunities for you to search and find the perfect business for you.