Apr 20

Need funding for a franchise venture?


You have reached Gardner Riley. We are internationally based specialist business consultants. Our key sector is franchising and business development through that methodology whereby we work privately with Shareholders and Directors; franchisees and franchisors alike to change the way companies can expand.

Based on our extensive industry experience we advise businesses on whether their concept, format and know how is suitable for development.,/p.

The Business Model

Writing a solid business model is the vital first step in getting your venture on the path to success. If you are having trouble writing your model and think you may have issues achieving your goals, then you need to talk to us. We will work with you to write a plan which is robust, sensible and achievable. Your tailor-made plan will include the following topics:

  • Your mission, objective and keys to success
  • Company ownership and history
  • Products and services
  • Market analysis
  • Strategy and implementation
  • Financial plan
  • Funding

As well as writing your plan, we will also be happy to help you to acquire funding. Once the plan is complete, we work with you to achieve all your goals in the timeframe that you have set, giving you focus, confidence and a sounding board – see http://www.gardner-riley.com

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How we help

We help entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners team up with brand name franchises and businesses opportunities for mutual success.

Investing in a franchise or business opportunity gives you the advantage of a proven effective business model and expert tuition.

We've created this site to help potential investors learn the basics of franchising and find the perfect opportunity.

Bookmark this site, as we will very soon release a complete directory of known franchises and business opportunities for you to search and find the perfect business for you.