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We’ve identified 10 categories as the industries to watch in 2011.

The future of franchising is looking bright: Figures in the last full year reported that 10.5% of all businesses with paid employees were franchises, the latest data, and that they grew further and generated a staggering annual sales.

Where is franchising headed next? We’ve identified 10 categories as the industries to watch in 2011. Whether they’re services that people can’t afford to live without, such as child care and healthcare, or luxuries made more affordable through franchising, like fitness and spa services, these are the businesses that kept growing strong right through the recession and, now that it’s over, show no signs of slowing.

This list is not a ranking and is not intended to endorse any specific franchise. Look at it instead as just a first step toward your own careful research, which should include reading the company’s literature, consulting with an advisor who may be perhaps an accountant, and talking to current and former franchisees to find out if an opportunity is right for you.

  1. Child Care – Parents are busier than ever and are therefore and drawn to child care that combines education and enrichment programs.
  2. Fitness – Spending on fitness is up and fitness franchises offer a full range of options big or small gyms, programs for women, boxing classes, dance fitness, personal training and more.
  3. All that’s green – Companies doing their part to save the planet and often saving money as well are gaining ground with the eco-conscious and cash-strapped alike.
  4. Health Services – It may be a subject of much debate in the political world, but in the franchise world Healthcare is just good business. Take note: A number of opportunities aimed at nursing franchisees have sprung up in recent years.
  5. Moving & Storage Services – People move, on average, every five years, and with the economy starting to recover, moving and storage businesses can expect their services to be in even more demand.
  6. Pets – Spending on pets in the UK. has increased year after year and that trend shows no sign of ending. No surprise: Pet franchises continue to grow.
  7. Sandwiches – From simple sandwiches to gourmet carry out types sandwiches, sandwiches are giving burgers some serious competition for the UK’s favorite fast food.
  8. Care of the aged – Seniors are the world’s fastest-growing population, making services aimed at them in-home care, financial planning, reading material and so on a strong bet for success.
  9. Spa Services – Franchises offering luxury on a budget are growing by leaps and bounds as people in need of some pampering seek out deals.
  10. Tutoring – As the work world gets more competitive, parents put a higher premium on education and the tutoring business and education businesses continue to grow.

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