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Perhaps you’ve recently been made redundant, or you’re just tired of working for someone else? Franchising can offer a solution – by becoming a Franchisee you can start your own business, with the support of a proven network.


Franchising can be described as a ‘business marriage’ between a ‘franchisee’ and a ‘franchisor’. As the franchisee  in other words ‘the purchaser of the franchise’ you pay an initial investment for the licensed rights to operate under an established brand and trained and supported by a central franchisor. The ‘marriage’ is protected by a Franchise Agreement which provides you with an exclusive territory for a set period of time on a renewable basis.

Franchisors are seeking individuals with the ability to soak up their knowledge and systems, and develop a successful business through a mixture of hard work and the proper implementation of their business concept. Here are the factors that will affect whether you are suited to owning a franchise.

Choosing the franchise that is right for you is an exciting time but, with so many franchises available, it can be hard work identifying the right one for you. Our website and market research services offer a guiding light, presenting a wealth of information and guidance on the franchise opportunities available in the UK.

Master Franchise?

If your ambitions stretch beyond owning and operating a single-unit, or even multi-unit franchise, and you have serious capital to invest in the national rights to a brand and proven business system, you could be a candidate for investing in a Master Franchise.

Whether you are looking to franchise your business or buy a franchise, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help here

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We help entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners team up with brand name franchises and businesses opportunities for mutual success.

Investing in a franchise or business opportunity gives you the advantage of a proven effective business model and expert tuition.

We've created this site to help potential investors learn the basics of franchising and find the perfect opportunity.

Bookmark this site, as we will very soon release a complete directory of known franchises and business opportunities for you to search and find the perfect business for you.