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Recruitment Franchise review

The recruitment franchise industry is a fast-paced, highly competitive industry that’s rapidly growing in the UK.

There are over 100,000 people in recruitment consultancy roles across the UK.

  1. According to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), recruitment is a £26.673 billion industry. This is an increase of 7.3% from 2006; with the recruitment industry has been forecasted to expand drastically over the next few years, providing great opportunities for those who want a recruitment franchise.
  2. Overall turnover for temporary and contract staff rose up to about £23 billion, while permanent staff turnover rose to £3.5 billion. In fact, the recruitment industry is responsible for placing close to 1.4 million temporary workers on assignments each week, and the 787,000 employees that land permanent work each year. There are recruitment franchise services in every imaginable sector, including security services, childcare recruitment and temporary truck driver hires. Employers are continuing to use recruitment agencies as their method of finding temporary and permanent staff. In 2004, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) ascertained that 83% of organisations use recruitment firms to hire temporary and permanent staff.
  3. The recruitment industry staffing has broken the 100k mark for the first time, landing at 101,286. That means the recruitment franchise industry is experiencing a boom, hiring more staff to aid companies in their recruitment efforts. 4. Recruitment franchises offer an established brand name in recruiting, which will ensure companies approach you for their recruiting needs. With the recruitment industry as a whole on the rise, recruitment franchise opportunities are taking off as well.

Join a recruitment franchise and take part in the success of a £26+ billion industry!

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