Aug 22

Les Armitage: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-22

  • 2115 Sunday. Well that was some weekend! #
  • What an absolutely wonderful morning. #
  • While since I’ve done short train journeys. Public transport is very good despite some moan. #
  • Hmm. Pleasant surprise. Train Wigan Wallgate to Southport. North West Trains. It’s mint. Really clean. #
  • Jeep in today for a new set of brains. Engine Management for the unknowing :) May have to get a new car. Promised not to though :( #
  • 247 Professional Health is having the best month ever and we’re at the 19th. Stunning figures. #
  • Lived in Rufford going on 7 yrs. Just realised there’s another rail route to Ruffors (Burscough) from Preston via Wigan – oops. Quick too. #
  • Week today. Off to France. Great. #
  • Well, a first in a long time. Fish and chips to eat in – Wigan. Wonderful. #
  • Arrggg. Car’s delayed. Stuck on Fishergate. Preston. Thought things were going to well. #
  • Why have all these young people start to were stocking type net hats on their crown? Odd. #
  • God there’s some scruffy bastards around. #
  • Looks like a gathering of the big issue seller’s here. Hurry look for the way out sign. #
  • Crikey these train prices have gone up. Must have nearly doubled. Nice though. #
  • Thinks. Got to finish off the Tagine that Roz when I get back. Need instructions from somewhere. t’internet. #
  • Village of Croston now. Nice but web feet needed sometimes. Flooding. #
  • Best week ever in Southport demands new offices. Been to see the ones that Joe and Roz found and they’re X3 the size and ideal. Well done #
  • Education Appointments now REC corporate. Amazing willing hands start to create. #
  • Some week that was. Some day this has been. Changes happening so quickly. Thank you to everyone. #
  • 5am. Contemplating business. Is that sad on a Saturday morning now 3 days before france of is it commitment? #
  • Another thing that keep my mind on other things apart from business is mastery of this MACOSx. Crikey. #
  • Based on current trends we can afford much bigger offices but prudence challenges me all the time. Not straight forward is it? #
  • @andyheadworth Weather’s crap as you say. Hopeless. Not enough BBQ’s Andy. in reply to andyheadworth #
  • Bl**dy hell. 0826 saturday and email from the site starting again. #

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