Aug 8

Les Armitage: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-08

  • ………..Oh my head. #
  • Start of the school holidays; heading SE for one appointment and the phone is melting. Booked another day down here now. Busy busy! #
  • That was a long drive. Rufford to Caterham. Nice place though. As ever; early for the appointment. Back to Days Inn Scratchwood afterwards. #
  • Minted lamb shank on mash coming up. #
  • Getting towards the end of a 2 day trip speaking to clients and possibilities. Good trip but tired. #
  • God that was dreadful. Mr Sticky Carpet wants a business. Not with me. #
  • OMG I’m glad it’s Friday. Exhausted after the last couple of days of travelling. Never seen business growth like this in 20 years. #
  • Turbot for dinner last night and a fine Chardonnay. That went down well cooked by me and enjoyed by all. 1st too for my culinary skills. #
  • France in a couple of weeks for a couple of weeks chilling. Looking forward to that. New York later for a long weekend which I love. #
  • 4 applications in 7 days for business expansion plans in my healthcare business interests. Need to be careful with the planning to cope. #
  • Can’t believe that drongo yesterday though. Traipsed me to Middlesborough. What a waste of space. Complete idiot! #
  • Double dip possibilities? I’ve not seen growth like this in my businesses since 2003 and 2010 is better. Last week; best week since 2003. #
  • ANDROID. Anyone found a spell checker for the Android phone OS? Text expander too if possible? #
  • Just got a couple of trackers on Education Staffing businesses. They’ll step in of course after the spending review. Strong growth area. #
  • 1430. Fantastic week. Friday means POETS day. What’s next? Get ready for the pub! #
  • 3xPride of Pendle and the wife arrived. Now soon to be in the trenches with some pasta and chicken. #
  • @Jason_Manford great movie is it. !! in reply to Jason_Manford #
  • Mixed metaphors. Friday at the Hesketh “I’m done” and now “I’m out”. Chicken and pasta on the menu. #

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