Aug 1

Les Armitage: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-01

  • Well summers coming isn’t it? #
  • Damp an warm Ian. When is summer to return in the UK: when? #
  • Starting the stuff for tomorrow. Several meetings at home. Looks like a busy week on the way and that good… #
  • Planted 4 tomato plants at the start of summer. Several varieties. Anyone want some tomatoes #
  • @DuncanBannatyne HAVE GREAT TRIP! You staying on the strip? in reply to DuncanBannatyne #
  • “@PatricKielty: Idea for Dave’s Big Society – Let’s replace the P 45 with the BP 45 (you still get sacked but go home with 10 million quid)” #
  • Yesterday worked on windoze laptop. Reminded me how slow and cranky they are. #
  • Mon; Tue now on to Wednesday. Business is booming. Contacts are booming. Opportunity everywhere. #
  • What a day for meeting and re-meeting old and lost friends. Two or three today. Have I died? Where’s there’s a will there’s a relative!!!? #
  • Thursday. Great. Business feels good. Couple of weeks to a France holiday. Better book the ferry|tunnel, can’t decide. #
  • Summer 2010. Weber BBQ for sale. Used many times in the past; now unfortunately redundant. Apply within. #
  • Les Armitage searches fervently for holidays away because he’s sick of the rain. #
  • Latest news from the BBC: humid rain. Let’s get the **** out of this place. Nobody will notice with all the illegal immigrants here. #
  • “@WendyJacob: Moving day. I haven’t slept a wink. Please let it be over quickly and painlessly!” – not the easiest thing. Never mind.. #
  • “@DuncanBannatyne: Yes believe it or not my trainers were stolen from beside the @Bellagio_LV pool today. Is nothing sacred?” Brilliant. LOL #
  • @tweetminster #1 stop immigrants etc collecting comp’ slips from companies for evidence of job interviews. in reply to tweetminster #
  • @tweetminster Lots of the ‘out of work’ plan to be there. Single them out; means test and positively discriminate. in reply to tweetminster #
  • @myrealchance Duncan’s doing a great job of promotion (of himself). Think I’m just jealous of course. in reply to myrealchance #
  • @myrealchance sent the Kalutara link to Roz ’cause she’s the booking agent I use. LOL in reply to myrealchance #
  • “@bcl1973: I’m at Huyton Railway Station (Blacklow Brow, Liverpool)." Why does this chap keep reporting locations? #
  • “@tweetminster: Welfare reform: Just how radical is Iain Duncan Smith? – Telegraph” hopefully he’ll do the job well. #
  • “@tweetminster: Osborne: Trident costs must come from MoD budget – BBC” – Cancel it better! #
  • On the statutory visit to M&S to see if there’s anything there that we haven’t already got. #
  • “@Hendy14: On the M25 clockwise, passing through Essex. Not too long until the Dartford Crossing.” – What is this bloke all about 200mls SE #
  • @myrealchance you can tell it’s a bloke mind you because he does know where he is on the road. Not like the other gender :) in reply to myrealchance #
  • The Scots; a part of the family stayed with us last night both at the Hesketh and Beech House – great time and great stories. Brilliant. #
  • Vincent Hotel and Mama Mia restaurant tonight. Wonderful. #

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