Mar 21

Les Armitage: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

  • Thanks Kevin and Claire for the tickets for Ladies Day at Aintree. Looking forward to that. Need a tweet suit and (cont) #
  • Right then warming up for 3xfillet steaks tonight; tarragon butter. Big chips. Montepulciano. Cheese. Magnificent. #
  • Withdrawal symptoms. Didn't go to the Hesketh last night. 1205 Saturday morning feel as though I need a fix. 228 (cont) #
  • Glasgow. Came up last night for a family get-together. All's well. Took 3 hours to get here. Roz and Katie didn't (cont) #
  • Interesting the employment figures yesterday too. Anyone got a view on that? Apart from the national debt how are things with you? #
  • Interesting. Business Jan1 to now okay but then this last few days a really big jump like someone's upped the power. What's happened then? #
  • Whichever pocket you put your hand into the handkerchief is in the other. Why? #
  • Venison madras. That works. Well domlne me! #
  • Don't we all just love motorways. Love them perhaps more than we love the service areas on them :( #
  • Crikey that mothers day do at San Marco (Rufford) was great. What recession. Place was packed. 100's people. Oh my head. #
  • @DuncanBannatyne Scrap the Lords has started. #scrapthelords Re-tweet this. Cause it to happen. in reply to DuncanBannatyne #
  • @DuncanBannaty Scrap the Lord has started. #scrapthelords Re-tweet this. Cause it to happen. #
  • @DuaneJackson #scrapthelords has started. Re-tweet this. Cause it to happen. in reply to DuaneJackson #
  • Tell you what anyone who's looking for a business should phone me 'cause the Healthcare staffing is really busy and we need more offices. #
  • Lap 23/49. Hello. What's going on? #
  • @sandeepkashyap On Blackberry at the moment it's hard to get anything better than Ubertwitter. Ad's are a pain though. Positioning great. in reply to sandeepkashyap #
  • @the_stelios Still trying to work it out! Sunday though. May get a better result tomorrow – nah in reply to the_stelios #
  • Track temp Bahrain 40c. Wish I was there. Jensen+Lewis. Let's go. #
  • Dinner with @myrealchance week on Tuesday in Brum. Looking forward to that. Any business opportunists want to come too? #
  • Anybody trying the Blackberry twitter app' yet. Is it out even? Anyone know? #
  • Normal functionality impaired at the moment. Too many eggs. #
  • Want to see the David Cameron hairbrush moment Have a look. #
  • @andyheadworth Why do people insist on the 'Social Media Tools' rather than the more correct descriptor 'Business Media Tools'? in reply to andyheadworth #
  • Let's hope our boys Button and Hamilton keep the German and the Italian back. Promises to be a great F1 year doesn't it? TeamGB again! #
  • Weather for the coming week looks good doesn't it. How business with you? Are we feeling the normal 'pause' before the election?. Thoughts? #
  • @WendyJacob Wendy you ask what a CRAFT moment is: Can't Remember A F****ng Thing. LOL in reply to WendyJacob #

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